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Welcome to the new website of Riviera Primary Academy Trust. Please be aware that some areas of this website are still under construction.


Members' Board


Stephen Criddle

Matthew Redwood

Neil Smythe

Jamie Parffrey




Trustees' Board


Debbie Main


Headteacher, Roselands

Mark Franklin-Baker,

Chair of LGB, Roselands

Stewart Biddles,

Headteacher, Oldway

Jamie Parffrey

Chair of Trustees

Chair of LGB, Oldway


Matthew Redwood

Paul Garside

Su Apps

Josie Medforth



Oldway LGB


Jamie Parffrey (Chair, Parent)
Stewart Biddles (Headteacher)
Sam Bone (Deputy Headteacher, Staff)
Jo Florence (Vice-Chair, Co-opted)
Chris Hartt (Co-opted)
Emma Illingworth (Co-opted)
Debbie Jackson (Co-opted)
Kate Mullen (Co-opted)
Julie Watson (Co-opted)
Mike Blakeley (Parent)
Julia Melluish (Parent)






Roselands LGB


Mark Franklin-Baker (Chair, Co-opted)
Debbie Main (Headteacher)
Chrissie Franklin (Parent)
Cheryl Harlock (Co-opted)
Jane Smythe (Co-opted)
Jo Neal (Parent)
John Fellows (Co-opted)
Malc Reddaway (Local Authority)
Tracy Underhill (Parent)
Vicky McCaig (Staff)