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Welcome to the website of Riviera Education Trust. In partnership to provide excellence for all our children.


Members' Board


Stephen Criddle

Neil Smythe

Jamie Parffrey

Su Apps




Trustees' Board




Stewart Biddles, CEO, Oldway Headteacher 




Jamie Parffrey, Chair of Trustees, Chair of Oldway LSB    
Matthew Redwood, Chair of Finance & Audit Committee    
Josie Medforth, Vice Chair of Finance & Audit Committee    
Paul Garside    
Chris O'Connor, Roselands Head of School    
Simon Lee, Chair of Roselands LSB    
Will Foulds    
Elaine Gill, Shiphay Headteacher    
Gary Hotine    









Oldway LSB

Jamie Parffrey (Chair, Parent)

Stewart Biddles (Headteacher)               

Susie Woods (Staff)

Laura Hawkins (Staff)

Amanda Coote (Vice-Chair, Co-opted)        

Julia Melluish (Parent)

Lisa Swinson (Co-opted)

Tracey Litt (Co-opted)

Kerry Hallums (Co-opted)


















Roselands LSB

Simon Lee (Chair, Parent)

Chris O'Connor (Head of school )

Vicky McCaig (Deputy Head of school, Staff)    

Melanie Simmonds (Vice Chair, Parent)               

Cheryl Harlock (Staff)

Jane Smythe (Co-opted)

David Reid (Co-opted)

Ian Weller (Parent)










Shiphay LSB 

Mark Tucker (Chair)

Elaine Gill (Headteacher )

Kate Lee (Staff)                         

Gary Hotine (Vice Chair)                   

Karen Pollock (Staff)

Catherine Monroe (Staff)

Tony Williams (Co-opted)

Lisa Van Xuyk (Co-opted)

Carly Full (Co-opted)

Denise Russell (Associate)